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Ahead of Amazon Prime Day, Here Are Some Tips for the First Time Online Shopper

Avoid them at all costs, no matter how sweet the deal looks. Even if you're extremely careful while ordering online, there's still that odd chance of something or the other going wrong. You may end up with a broken package or your order may get delayed, all these are absolutely normal problems faced by a lot of online shoppers. There are various ways to deal with them, depending on the online store you picked. For example: if something went wrong with your order on Amazon, the best way to reach out to the company is by dropping an e-mail. You can easily do this via the Amazon website or the app, from the customer service page. On the website, visit the customer service page, and under 'Browse Help Topics' select customer service and click on the 'Contact Us' button. On the next page, you'll be able to select an order and choose between an online chat and an e-mail. Both work equally well in getting a quick response from the Amazon customer service team. The 40 Best TV Shows You Can Watch on Amazon Prime Right Now In case you picked Flipkart, the best way to reach them is to call them or simply send them a direct message on Twitter.

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